1645 Fizz Bar

1645 Fizz Bar is proud to present an individual and unique mobile bar experience for any occasion.

Our quirky Italian Piaggio Apè is ideal for Weddings, Sporting Events, Garden Partys, Birthdays, Christenings, festivals as well as corporate hire you name it we can do it!

Serving Frizzante and Peroni on tap from a beautifully converted mobile Prosecco bar with a classic colour scheme is an alternative option for any function, inside or outside, and a unique and memorable way to make your event stand out.

Want to promote your business or have a product launch then why not vinyl wrap our Piaggio Apè in your own corporate colours and logo?

All you need is Love… and Prosecco!Anonymous

Our Fizz

We serve chilled  Frizzante from our Piaggio Apé on tap. Due to Italian law if Prosecco is served from a tap it has to be called Frizzante.  It is made with 100% Glera grape and originates from Venteto in Northern Italy. It is 11% ABV, a young and light sparkling wine, making it an ideal drink for any occasion.

Unlike Champagne and Spumante Prosecco, Frizzante is a Vino Frizzante, or “lightly sparkling wine” in Italian. Smaller bubbles mean a smoother drink which can be enjoyed as an aperitif and with meals alike. Frizzante makes an excellent choice for all occasions and locations. To compliment this light refreshing drink is another Italian favourite, Peroni, again served chilled on tap.

Each Barrel of Frizzante serves approx. 160 glasses of Frizzante, whilst each Barrel of Peroni serves approx. 50 pints of Peroni.

I may not speak Italian but I’m fluent in Prosecco!Anonymous


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