About 1645 Fizz bar

In October 2015 I was in Italy, sat in the warm sunshine enjoying a glass of lovely chilled Prosecco, relaxing with great friends having plenty of laughter and thinking “life really couldn’t get much better, if only I could bottle this feeling”. One year later my 1645 Fizz Bar was born!

I aim to bring a little bit of Italy back to Yorkshire, I can’t promise the sun but I can promise to bring the Frizzante and Peroni served from another Italian Classic the ‘Piaggio Apé’ – which is a beautiful vintage vehicle that has been lovingly converted into a licenced mobile bar which serves our Frizzante and Peroni on tap!

The prosecco that I will be serving will be Frizzante; it is made from the Glera grape. Frizzante has intense primary aromas which taste fresh and light. It’s a young and light sparkling wine, making it an ideal drink for all those occasions.

I have always wanted to do something myself but never found my thing! So when I had my moment of inspiration in Italy I just knew I had to do this! So with both feet I jumped in! I left my job of 20 years so that I give 1645 Fizz Bar my 100% commitment. I am passionate about providing excellent service and ensuring all my clients are left with lovely memories from their occasion!

So please join me in my little Italian venture!